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Masterpiece Is Just That


Elise Broach has written her own masterpiece and given it that title. Masterpiece is one of the best books for our middle elementary school children (students in grades three, four, and five) that I’ve read this year. I couldn’t put the book down, as I cheered on the main character, Marvin, a young beetle who […]

Battle of the (Kids’) Books


While I read a number of periodicals that review children’s and young adults’ books, the two that I rely upon the most are The Horn Book and School Library Journal. Roger Sutton, the editor in chief of The Horn Book, is one of the first judges in “The Battle of the (Kids’) Books that is […]



Welcome to the Dedham Country Day School Library Blog! I’ll be writing about books that I’ve enjoyed, and those that our students are reading. Some of the titles that I’ll share will be old favorites, while others will be “hot off the press.” At times, I’ll discuss books by a specific author or illustrator or […]

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