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Rachel Carson


In 1962, Rachel Carson caused an uproar when her book, Silent Spring, was published. The New Yorker published excerpts of the ground-breaking title, and Houghton Mifflin was the publisher. Both companies faced lawsuits from major chemical companies and several government agencies. These battles raged for years, but the book became an immediate best seller all […]

Helen Keller


Many young readers are inspired when they first learn about Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan. Their lives were inspirational for both blind and sighted people. Annie Sullivan’s commitment to reaching Helen, a young child who could neither see nor hear, became a model for others.  She first reached Helen by teaching her sign […]

Peter Rabbit


Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) privately published The Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1901. Frederick Warne & Company published her “bunny book”, as they called it, complete with her colored illustrations, a year later. Children and adults alike continue to be drawn to Miss Potter’s work because of their fascination with her illustrations and delight in the […]

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