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Parrots Over Puerto Rico


parrotsOne of the most captivating and beautiful books that we have purchased for the library this year is Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore (Lee & Low, 2013). This non-fiction title can be enjoyed by all ages. Adults and middle school readers will enjoy reading about the history of and recovery program for a species of parrots that live in the islands. Because of the pairing of the illustrations and the text, the book will hold the attention of younger children when it is read to them.

The illustrations are the star in this book. Susan L. Roth’s paper and fabric collages compliment the writing, and the collages are individual works of art. Each two page spread is read by holding the book sideways because the collages extend beyond one page. The details in each piece bring Cindy Trumbore’s story to life, as she describes the history of Puerto Rico and the dwindling parrot population.

The scientists who are working to save these beautiful birds struggle to overcome the loss of the birds due to predators, hurricanes, and the loss of their habitat.

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